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January 2020
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Yoga Studio in Bexley, South-East London

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If you are looking to slim down and improve your health, then you should absolutely try your local Bexley yoga studio and book your 1st yoga class for FREE! It doesn’t matter if you’re new or a skilled yogi, we have got you covered. Our yoga studio has something for everyone. The lessons are suited with special adaptations so that they are good for all levels, making yoga fun and all-engaging.

Areas We Cover: Albany Park, Blendon, Colyers, Crayford, Crook Log, Crossness, East Wickham, Erith, Foots Cray, Lamorbey, Lessness Heath​​, ​​Longlands, North Cray, North End, Northumberland Heath, Sidcup, Slade Green, Upton, Welling, West Heath, Ruxley, Upper Ruxley, Falconwood, Thamesmead, Barnes Cray, Belvedere, Bexley, Bexleyheath, Blackfen, Barnehurst

Why Yoga?

Yoga is great for psychological and physiological growth. It will help you maintain your health if you have no health concerns. For instance, it is known that yoga removes stress, improves flexibility and enhances your physical fitness. Get a good yoga practitioner and nice environment, you will realize a reduction in pounds but body toning up while at the same time having better energy levels and mental health.

Taking yoga helps reduce fatigue, obesity, chronic pain, symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and will improve asthma. We can argue that yoga can positively affect any health condition and make you better.

Do you suffer from chronic headaches, insomnia, low mood or even anxiety? Yoga, that’s the word. It can relieve depression and anxiety hence boost your mental health. It also has the ability to wipe away that migraine. Isn’t it surprising how a few minutes spent each day reflecting on one’s inner being boosts one’s brain? You can’t believe this, but studies have indicated that yoga will reduce the rate at which your brain shrinks. While this is normal with age advancement, yoga will help you shield dementia! It is simply saying that yoga keeps your brain young apart from helping you fight off different health conditions.

Are you game? Then run, don’t hesitate. Come to our local Bexley yoga studio today and let our qualified yoga practitioners help keep your body and mind sharp.

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The Benefits of Yoga

At our Yoga Studio in Barking & Dagenham, you will learn a healthier lifestyle. Here are just a few ways yoga will immediately improve your health!

Improve Concentration & Think Clearer

The process of observing your breath calms your mind and makes you more mentally relaxed allowing you to recall easier and have more organised thoughts.

Weight Loss

Muscle burns calories even while resting, so that added muscle mass will come in handy for the weight loss you want.

Increased Flexibility

You will no longer emerge from your bed in the morning feeling like all of your joints are fused together.

Increased Muscle Strength and Tone

You don’t have to just lift weights to gain muscle. Yoga uses your own weight to build your muscles and make you stronger.

Cardio and Circulatory Health

Do you get winded walking up a flight of stairs or while taking a stroll around Bexleyheath? By taking yoga in our studio, you will increase your endurance in no time.

Protect Yourself from Injury

As we get older, it is much easier to injure ourselves, especially if you have let yourself get out of shape. By taking yoga classes, you are slowing down the signs of aging.

Our Affordable Yoga Classes in Bexley

5 Class Yoga
£49/ mo
  • 5 Classes of your choice per month
  • Experienced instructor
  • Full body workout
  • Meditation
  • Any of our yoga studios
10 Class Yoga
£69/ mo
  • 10 Classes of your choice per month
  • Experienced instructor
  • Highly relaxing
  • Reduces stress
  • Any of our yoga studios
Unlimited Yoga
£99/ mo
  • Unlimited classes per month
  • Private, one on one
  • Beginner friendly
  • Improve energy & stamina
  • Any of our yoga studios

Begin Your Yoga Jouney

You deserve some quality time with yourself to regain balance and improve your well-being. Welcome to your local Bexley Yoga studio, where our personalised classes and attention will help you achieve this. We understand that yoga should not just be exercise but fun and relaxing at the same time. With this understanding, we have classes that accommodate all levels and abilities. You should book a date with us on any day of the week to try out a yoga class of your choice absolutely FREE.


We love to hear what our yoga students have to say about their experiences with us, so we thought we would share then with you too..

“X Yoga Studios London is a calm and relaxed space that accommodates all. I came as a beginner, and their instructors have been so supportive. They always help me recharge and I’m grateful for that. ”
Olivia Smith
Yoga Student
“I’m amazed by the level of support that their teachers provide. My friends and I came as novices, and their teachers have literally transformed us into yoga experts. “
Janine Daley
Yoga Student
“X Yoga Studios London is a zen like space that’s open to all. I came as a beginner, and their instructors have been so friendly and helpful. They always help me get into the right frame of mind for yoga which is so important! ”
Liz James
Yoga Student

Yoga Classes in Bexley

We believe that yoga should be fun, challenging and accessible to all ages, background and ability, therefore, we offer different classes to accommodate all. Check the types of yoga classes we offer below.

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Are you ready to get fit and healthy this year?

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New to yoga or just new to the area? Why not book a FREE no obligation yoga class today at our yoga studio in Bexley and see what we are all about. Many people enjoy the socialising found in our group classes, but if you would rather have a private session, we have instructors that love working one on one. Talk to one of our instructors at your free class or get in touch below.

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Private or Group Yoga Classes

Many people enjoy the socialising found in our group classes, but if you would rather have a private session, we have instructors that love working one on one.

Indoor & Outdoor

The majority ofour yoga classes our held indoors, however, occasionally we hold our classes outside. Let a yoga instructor know if this would be something that interests you.

Flexible Schedules

We know you live a busy life, that's why we let you chosose the classes that you come to each week and don't tie you down to any long term contracts.

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